This Is the Kinkiest Advent Calendar You Can Give to Your Partner

Nov 21, 2016 at 6:29 pm |

Have yourself a sexy little Christmas

Here comes another holiday season, and for those who aren’t too keen on family gatherings, gift shopping, and basting of turkeys may feel a little bored with the entire month of December. But one company out there wants to make sure that everyone has a great holiday season, and they’ve created a gift set for couples that prefer a little physical pleasure over listening to the same old Christmas songs next to the fire. Gird your loins for this sexy advent calendar.


Credit: Big Stock/PixelsAway

Lovehoney has a solution if you and your lover want to kinkify your Christmas this year. Are you getting excited about your sexy new holiday gift?

Lovehoney is ready to give you and your lover a great holiday buzz