The Most Cringeworthy Booty-Eating Stories

Nov 2, 2016 at 5:56 pm |

Do you dare go down there?

Lots of people do it. Have you tried it yet? Pleasuring your partner’s anus with your mouth is not a new thing at all, but it has been considered to be dirty, gross, and filthy. You’re told not to handle poop when you’re a kid, so why would you go about licking where it comes out? But analingus has become a lot more acceptable these days, and people are more willing to try it. That doesn’t mean it always goes well though. These adventurous thrill-seekers had some of those bad moments and may never go back to it again.

close up of womans mouth with tongue out

Credit: Chirkov/Shutterstock

These people wanted to go the extra mile to please their partners, but it didn’t end up well for them. Beware when you go down there!

These people found out that's it's not all fun and games