The Richest People in South Africa

Aug 2, 2016 at 7:49 pm |

Lots of Green in the Rainbow Nation

When you think about the richest people in the world, you might automatically picture the brilliant entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley or the political elite in Russia and China. But what about the rest of the world?

While you might not immediately think of South Africa when you think about some of the wealthiest people around, the southernmost country on the African continent is richer than most people realize. From finance to technology to the diamond trade, South Africa’s resources and strategic location have long made it a cradle for entrepreneurs and a haven for the wealthy.

Get to know some the richest of South Africa’s rich on the following pages!

south africa rich mark shuttleworth

Credit: Mikhail Grachyev/ AFP/ Getty Images

Bet you didn’t know there was so much green in the Rainbow Nation!

Meet the Richest South Africans!