The Sexy Songstress Pixie Lott

Aug 25, 2016 at 4:32 pm |

Pixie is pretty hot

Sadly, European superstars aren’t always able to transition their fame to the States like our stars are able move around the world. But I have a hunch that Miss Pixie will be taking over America and the rest of the world very soon. She’s English, 25, talented and incredibly hot. She knows how to work her body too; she’s not shy about appearing almost naked in her photos and shares everything with her followers who are also growing in numbers. Check out Pixie below and we know that you’ll be a super fan by the end of this gallery!

pixie lott

Source: YouTube @Pixie Lott

The fresh, young singer has a lot going for her. Her career as a musician and actress are really taking off, but we’re more interested in taking off her clothes.

Pixie is a sexy little nymph