Mr. Hands: The Strange Tale of the Man Screwed to Death by a Horse

Jul 31, 2017 at 5:02 pm |

Warning: This story contains disturbing information

Way back in 2005 (when the internet was just slightly more primitive and dark), a video started making rounds that made most people extremely disgusted and others aroused for a little while. It was just a 30 second video, but its ramifications have lasted for over 10 years in court rooms, lifestyles, and mainstream media. The video depicted a gentleman named Kenneth Pinyan from Enumclaw, Washington, who also went by the name Mr. Hands. This man was seen willingly having intercourse with a humungous horse; Mr. Hands was receiving the horse’s parts in his backside.

The encounter killed him due to acute peritonitis (perforation of the colon). Mr. Hands was taken to the hospital by a man that police later identified as James Michael Tait, and thus began a strange, disturbing, and fascinating investigation into the world of “zoos.”

In 2007, writer and filmmaker Charles Mudede created the shocking documentary Zoo about a group of men who enjoy partaking in this taboo and now-illegal hobby. Years later, he remarked on his experience meeting this group of zoos and trying to understand what makes them want to commit bestiality in such ways that could lead to their deaths.

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The legend of Mr. Hands will live on in internet infamy forever.

The legend of Mr. Hands will live on in internet infamy forever