The Trailer for Farrah Abraham’s Movie, “Axeman II”, Just Released And You Need To Watch It.

Jun 13, 2016 at 1:59 pm |

Calling all horror movie fanatics.

The moment Teen Mom fans and horror movie fans alike have been waiting for is almost here! The trailer for Axeman II: Overkill has just been released and with it, sneak peeks of what we can expect from the sequel to the horror movie, Axeman at Cutters Creek. The trailer features choppy clips of all the new victims that might or might not succumb to the Axeman’s vengeance.

While the acting looks mediocre, and the special effects are corny and average at best, we aren’t too concerned for the audience because the movie is filled with blood and gore. What more does a horror movie need?

Clip of the Axeman about to kill someone

Source: Youtube

This teen mom star is switching from starring in sex tapes to the big screen.

Check out Farrah in this trailer!