These Presidential Adult Films Are ‘Making America Great Again’!

Aug 16, 2016 at 3:22 pm |

We knew it was coming

Donald Trump believes that he can make America great again (not sure when it stopped being great, though). We may not believe that he can pull it off, but we do believe that he, or his image, is making great parody porn right now. Who hasn’t wanted to see that hideous, wispy hair piece and orange skin all tangled up with a naked 20-year-old girl? Well, probably no one, especially the 20-year-old, but, regardless, it is at least funny to watch. There have been quite a few Donald Trump porn parodies coming out right before what is possibly the most polarizing presidential election in history. Will these videos swing your vote?

donald trump porn parody

Source: YouTube @Wood Rocket

It only makes sense that our colorful, combative presidential hopefuls would be parodied before the upcoming election.

Donald Trump is not happy about it either