These Sexy Girls Hold It All Together With Nothing but Tape!

Jul 12, 2017 at 4:33 pm |

These hot packages are wrapped up nicely!

With the summer time in full swing, it’s common to see people walking around while wearing practically nothing. Let’s face it, the heat can be a really big buzz kill and make you want to put on as little garments as possible.

Some of us opt for daisy dukes and crop tops, while others decide that wearing material of any kind could be a nuisance. In cases like these, we’ve seen people opt to wear the most barely-there outfits. Check out these super hot women who think that tape is probably the best thing to wear this summer over their most private of parts!

bikini ready

Source: Instagram @strydewomen

These women have opted for a low maintenance wardrobe this summer.

See how they've managed to secure their most important parts