These Tragic Stories From Strangers on the Internet Will Make You Say WTF?!

Jul 21, 2016 at 4:06 pm |

Mouth. Dropped. Open.

I once dated a guy who bartended at a popular bar in New Orleans. He encountered a lot of interesting people. One day, he decided to put a glass in the middle of the bar and have every obliging patron anonymously write down their deepest, darkest secrets on a bar napkin; A secret that hasn’t been told to a soul. He gathered all of the napkins, took pictures of them and published a book called A Chance at Absolution. I’ve never in my life heard some of the things those people have gone through. Their stories are so fascinating that, even after we stopped dating, I kept the book as a coffee table prop. Everyone loves it and it’s definitely an eye opener to how crazy life can be. Which brings me here:

In a Reddit forum, KonichiwaCurryMan posed the question, “What’s your darkest secret?” The thread blew up with hundreds of submissions. After reading tales about a girl who was molested by her grandpa and the guy who killed his mom, he commented, “Your stories are fascinating, heartbreaking and disturbing.” And he isn’t lying.

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These are real life horror stories.

These stories will literally make you say WTF?!