This Destiny’s Child Member Makes Tragic Pregnancy Announcement

Aug 29, 2016 at 4:55 pm |

Our hearts go out to her.

Many people don’t realize how many miraculous things happen when a woman gets pregnant. Facts like: a woman’s uterus expands to more than 500 times its normal size over the course of a pregnancy. It’s mind blowing. Or, from the second trimester onwards, babies pee in the uterus. Then they drink it. Then they pee again. Then they drink it. (You get the picture)

Conversely, there are many terrifying statistics that pregnant mothers want to avoid like: one in five pregnancies will miscarry in the first ten weeks. No matter how you look at it, pregnancy is a miracle. Unfortunately, the scary parts of pregnancy are just as common as the miraculous ones. We’ve been eagerly following Latavia Roberson’s pregnancy with her second child, but she just announced some heartbreaking news.

Latavia Roberson holding belly

Source: Instagram @iamlatavia

There is nothing worse for an expecting mother…

The pain of this news in unbearable...