This Landlord Got Caught Doing It with Another Man on a Tenant’s Bed

Dec 8, 2016 at 11:54 am |

Just wait till you see what he did with their wedding dress...

If you thought you’ve heard it all, then you’re in for a surprise. A married couple in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is in shock by what their landlord did inside their condo while they were away at work. The two were completely disgusted after watching video footage of the landlord getting busy with another man. If that wasn’t bad enough, the act was done on the couple’s bed. Don’t worry, it gets worse. After they were done, they used the woman’s wedding dress to clean themselves up. I guess a good ole towel just wouldn’t do the trick. Watch the footage here.

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Source: YouTube @MediaPress

Watch the disturbing footage.

watch this disturbing footage