This Young Woman Accidentally Received HOW Much Money?!

May 9, 2016 at 6:17 pm |

What Happens When Your Bank Accidentally Gives You Millions Of Dollars?

Everybody has had one of those irrational hit-the-jackpot money dreams from time to time. What if I win the lottery? What if this ATM just doesn’t stop spitting out money at me? What if I find a handsome rich guy who’s actually into me? What if I check my bank account and there’s just magically millions of dollars in it?

For one lucky young woman, that dream became a reality when Westpac Bank, the oldest bank in Australia, unknowingly set her overdraft protection limit to more than $4.5 MILLION. And here I am getting my card declined when I try to buy a pack of gum at the bodega.

Christine Jiaxin Lee

Source: Facebook @Christine Jiaxin Lee

For years this girl was living the high life off of this money miracle, but her spree has come crashing to an end and she found herself behind bars – but according to a local judge, she just might get away with it!

It’s just like winning the lottery, but way less legal.

Who is this girl? How did this happen? How did she pull it off? And how did she finally get caught?