Tokyo’s First Female Pleasure Bar

Oct 3, 2016 at 1:52 pm |

In the heart of Fap-an!

Despite living in an age of third wave feminism, the sexual taboo and stigma attached to female sexuality, women are still masturbating. “The notion that women enjoy sex has not yet achieved scientific or cultural acceptance,” journalist Ann Friedman wrote in a meditation on female masturbation in New York magazine. “To social conservatives, it seems downright dangerous,” and there is “no purer example of this than a woman enjoying the pleasure of her own company.”

A club in Tokyo, Japan is aiming to create a safe space for women to converse about their own body pleasure and we already love what we are hearing about it.

Woman in black bra masturbating in bathtub

Credit: Gorosi/Shutterstock

The bar with a lot of buzz… but we aren’t talking about alcohol.

Would you go?