Tom Cruise Is Forcing Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx to Keep Their Relationship out of the Public Eye

Sep 7, 2016 at 5:31 pm |

What is that kooky Tom Cruise up to now?

The first shock came when the cute, brunette actress, Katie Holmes married veteran actor Tom Cruise. He was married twice before, was into Scientology and he was 16 years her senior. But we hoped the best for the couple, who seemed to be truly in love, at least for a while. They had a gorgeous child together named Suri, who very closely resembles her mother, but that child was not enough to make Katie stay with Tom.

She quickly left him in 2012, and rumors began spreading about the cult-like atmosphere of Scientology and Tom’s fascination with it. But that was four years ago, and Katie is a free lady with sole custody of Suri despite a few visitations with her dad. But Tom may still be trying to exert control over Katie from afar.

Katie and Suri

Credit: Elsa/Getty Images

Due to a strange clause in her divorce agreement with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has been forced to keep her love for Jamie Foxx a secret.

Is Katie going to put up with this?