Study Show’s Men Prefer Irish Girls! These Top Viewed Irish Adult Stars Are the Proof

Oct 25, 2016 at 6:00 pm |

"Feckin Eejit"

When you think of an Irish girl, you probably think of a red headed, freckled, fair skinned lady that could outdrink you on your best night out. Well, the drinking part is not so far off, but we live in a very lucky world where Irish women come in all shapes and sizes. Our society, particularly the part that watches porn, love Irish women and so much so that the culture happens to be number one on our “Top Viewed” XXX list.

For your viewing and informative pleasure, we assembled a list of the top viewed Irish stars ever!

Irish red haired freckled girl

Source: Instagram @onlysame1

Those enigmatic and captivating red heads have stolen our hearts!

And they are as sexy as you would think!