Two Girls One Pepper: Things Go Terribly Wrong

Sep 16, 2016 at 1:31 pm |

Some like it hot.

What would you do to go viral?

Food challenge videos are nothing new on the internet, but it feels like they’re always getting crazier in order to keep up with the competition. Unfortunately for the people filming, pain and absurdity sell.

What is it about self-punishment that attracts people to watch a video? And how far would you be willing to go in order to gain more popularity online?

For New Jersey-based Vine and YouTube star Lizzy Wurst and her friend Sabrina, the best way to make sure a new food challenge video went viral was to go ALL out. So they found the HOTTEST pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper, and ate it on camera.

The result? Certainly not what they expected. Watch as their innocent challenge turned into a complete disaster.

lizzy wurst carolina reaper challenge

Source: YouTube @Lizzy Wurst

Some like it hot, but these two YouTube stars got more than they bargained for…

What's the price of internet fame?