Tyga Stepping Up and Paying His 200K Debt!

Nov 3, 2016 at 3:41 pm |

Kylie got a subpoena and Jason got a huge check...

Tyga’s had a hard year when it comes to paying his bills. The rapper has been in and out of trouble with creditors over the past few months, but it looks like he’s making moves to pay it all off and make good on his debts. After he paid off (settled to avoid an arrest, but I guess that’s semantics) hundreds of thousands in back rent and damages to a previous landlord, Tyga is doing the same to put a $200K debt to jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills.

Tyga Camo Bandana

Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Tyga’s finally coughing up thousands for jewelry!

Finally, Tyga is paying up, but getting here wasn't easy...