Tyler Baltierra Fights Back After People Say He Body-Shamed His Wife

Aug 24, 2016 at 7:33 pm |

Catelynn is not a heifer in Tyler's eyes

In a recent clip from Teen Mom OG, Tyler Baltierra cause controversy when he was talking to Catelynn Lowell about her upcoming plans to lose weight. In the clip, he says that he will support her in losing weight and getting healthy because he doesn’t want a “heifer” for a wife. She laughed it off at first, but she really didn’t seem that amused. The show’s producer even stopped the show to tell him that he’s too harsh sometimes. Although he said he doesn’t think she’s fat, Catelynn’s fans didn’t like what he said to her. But he’s here to prove that no matter what happens, he loves his wife and will always be with her.

Catelynn and Tyler

Image: realitea.com

‘Teen Mom OG’ daddy Tyler Baltierra wants the world to know that he loves his wife Catelynn and would never insult her.

He does truly love Catelynn and will get fat with her