Very Important Things All Men Want Women To Know About Them

May 11, 2016 at 8:46 pm |

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Figuring out the opposite sex is like having a job. It’s hard work. Guys, we know trying to figure out even the simplest thought of a woman is complex. But when it comes to men, that’s a whole different ball game.

Men are just as complicated as women are. Maybe it’s because, in relationships, we tend to try to figure each other out instead of learning each other. Women have a tendency to generalize men. Guys, you’re not off the hook. You do it too, but in your defense, you sometimes give us the benefit of the doubt. Women are more open in expressing their feelings, so you can’t blame your girl if she doesn’t know that you like to be the little spoon, or you want her to compliment you on your looks like you do hers.

A number of guys congregated in a forum on Reddit to give ladies a little insight on what they want us to know. But, before you dive into that, just remember: All men are different and should be treated as such.

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They give women the real deal on what men really want…

These guys give us the real deal on what men really want...