Victoria’s Secret Model Sara Sampaio Just Can’t Look Bad

Aug 17, 2016 at 5:42 pm |

On the beach, she looks amazing

Nubile, yet sexy. Petite and sensual. Sublime, so sublime. Sara Sampaio is a Portuguese Victoria’s Secret Angel. She models for pretty much every major fashion magazine and loves being photographed nude. She finds it to be a form of artistic expression and empowering.

Being an international supermodel, Sara gets to travel quite a bit. She enjoys going on exotic vacations, especially to the beach. Well in case you are just getting to know her, we have some of her sexiest Instagram photos so you can follow her around the world. And trust us, you are going to enjoy watching her do it.

sara sampaio at Ibiza

Source: Instagram @sarasampaio

Victoria’s Secret Model Sara Sampaio unsurprisingly looks great in every picture she takes of herself. So watch her travel the world.

Check this Angel out as she travels around the world