‘Walker, Texas Ranger’: Then and Now

Sep 27, 2016 at 5:13 pm |

Whatever happened to our beloved Texas Rangers?

The Texas Rangers were the best police force out there. They dressed in really cool clothes like cowboy hats and jean shirts, and they didn’t need guns to take down even the worst criminals. They were all karate masters. Remember that time that Walker knocked a guy out with one kick? Yeah, you do. Because it was amazing. After eight years of butt-kicking, high moral goodness, Cordell Walker rode out of our lives on what we can assume was a horse into the desert sunset. So what is the cast of Walker, Texas Ranger up to after all these years? Find out right now!

walker texas ranger

Source: CBS/Columbia Pictures

We loved watching Walker karate chop the bad guys down while wearing his cowboy boots and hat. Whatever happened to the Texas Rangers?

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