Warning Signs You May Have Schizophrenia

Aug 8, 2017 at 4:26 pm |

Think It Through

Over 200,000 people are affected by schizophrenia in the United States alone. While the exact cause isn’t known, it is thought that genetics, environment, and brain chemistry all play a role. The treatment is unfortunately usually a lifelong process that involves a ton of medications, therapy, and special care. When it comes to something as serious as schizophrenia, you want to know as much information as possible. Check out these signs that you might actually be schizophrenic.

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Credit: Nattapol Sritongcom/Shutterstock

Schizophrenia can have an incredibly negative affect on someone’s life. These are some pretty big warning signs that you should definitely be looking out for.

You won't want to miss these signs