Watch Out Kanye, This Ex-NBA Star Is Making His Own Yeezys For Dirt Cheap!

May 23, 2016 at 3:03 pm |

Kanye Is Going To Be 'Mad, Real Mad,' About This One

There’s absolutely no doubt that Kanye West has become a transcendent figure in the sneaker game. After boasting huge sales from his Yeezy Boost sneakers, it’s safe to say that Mr. West has reached the apex of the shoe game. Now, if there’s one thing that comes with success, it’s imitation. Tons of shoe creators have tried to replicate Kanye’s majestic Yeezy’s by adding their own special touches to his acclaimed sneakers. Well, this notable shoe creator may have taken the cake, as he decided to make his own version of the Yeezy’s.

kanye west

Source: PATRICK KOVARIK/Getty Images

Yeah, Kanye gotta be super pissed about this one…

This Ex-NBA Player Is Out To Make His Own Yeezys!