Watch This Giant Ear Cyst EXPLODE!

Aug 9, 2016 at 1:47 pm |

Warning! Gross images!

I say it all the time, people. Do NOT attempt to drain a cyst on your own. The problem is that not only could it lead to gross scarring, but in a non-sterile environment, it could lead to a life threatening staph infection. Plus you run the risk of not draining it completely, which will cause it to come back.

That brings me to this HUGE, disgusting cyst on this guy’s face, butted up against his ear. I don’t know why someone would let it get this bad, but remember to wash your face at least once a day and for the love of god, STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE WITH YOUR DIRTY HANDS.

giant cyst on ear

Source: YouTube @MrChex420

Warning! Gross images!

At least his disgusting hygiene habits make for great entertainment.