Weird but Hilarious Mishaps to Ever Happen on an Adult Film Set

Jan 20, 2017 at 4:44 pm |


After writing countless articles about adult film stars and their experiences, we’ve decided it’s our mission to spend one day on a set. We’d love to meet these women that we continually rave about and you can’t deny that the experience would be one of a kind. As on all film sets, things are bound to go wrong. The prop might break, an actor might forget their lines or marks, camera mishaps might happen. But add corny dialogue with naked people? The hilarity elevates to a whole other level.

We have 17 different hilarious instances where things just didn’t go as planned on an adult film set.

pornstar janice griffith selfie butt

Source: Twitter @thejanicexxx

That definitely wasn’t supposed to happen…

Seriously laughing out loud!