What Does Puck From MTV’s ‘Real World’ Look Like Now?

Jul 27, 2016 at 1:24 pm |

The wild man hasn't aged well.

We knew him as a contentious villain on The Real World: San Francisco where he got in petty arguments and antagonized almost everyone in the house, eventually getting evicted. He was the second person to be kicked off the show for his insane behavior, and his antics on camera are believed to be one of the reasons that the show took off. But where is the crazy man, who infamously spat in his housemate’s face, now? Has he gotten his stuff together or is he a real-life train wreck? We’ve tracked him down and have all the deets for you!

Puck at the MTV awards in 2008

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

What has Puck from MTV’s ‘Real World’ been up to since the ’90s?

We've even got a video of him