What “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” Morgan Stewart Just Said About Dorothy Wang Behind Her Back

Jun 14, 2016 at 4:43 pm |


Let’s be honest; the rich kids of Beverly Hills live in completely different worlds from us. Worlds we can’t even imagine to relate to. However, the reason why shows like The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills exist is so that we can revel in our guilty pleasures and their drama. Morgan Stewart recently called her friend, Dorothy Wang an extremely offensive and racist slur behind her back and of course, Dorothy found out. Come on guys, racism is never ok..no matter how rich you are (not even you, Donald Trump). See how Dorothy reacted to the comment and how it affected her and Morgan’s friendship.

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Morgan wagging her finger at Bianca

Credit: E!

We wouldn’t even call our worst enemy that.

She called her a what?!!