What’s It Like in the Bedroom With a Hermaphrodite

Nov 9, 2016 at 2:21 pm |

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A hermaphrodite has the genitalia of both sexes. In biology, the term hermaphrodite lives, but in human life, the term intersex is preferred. The MTV show Faking It touches on the subject with its character, Lauren. Lauren is intersex and comes to grips with it when she falls in love with a guy at her high school. The heterosexual character’s secret is eventually exposed to the school, causing her to be embarrassed, but then she confronts her condition head-on and becomes a spokesperson for those born differently.

Flip it to real life and there’s 24-year-old Raymond, who has both ovarian and testicular tissue. He identifies as a male because his “chest is flat” and he has “a stunted penis.” He’s in a healthy relationship with a man and aside from his parents and doctor, no one knows but his boyfriend and his brother. Raymond aka RayBean took to a Reddit forum to come out as a hermaphrodite (his actual condition is hermaphroditism and he likes the word) and face questions that users had about his condition and how it affects his life.

Half man half woman

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Hear from a real person, with a real condition, living in the real world.

This is the sex life of a hermaphrodite