Why Choose Between Top or Bottom? Get the Best of Both Worlds

Nov 16, 2016 at 6:47 pm |

They give new meaning to the phrase 'hourglass figure'

It’s believed that people are preferential to one body part on a woman: people who prefer a voluptuous chest, a juicy bottom, a toned stomach, and so on. But we say, why limit your love of the female form to just one area? So we’ve put together a little gallery of ladies who have plenty of meat where it counts, and it’s not just in one spot. But it is, however, in the right places.

sexy girl in thong

Source: Instagram @workoutwithtrey_wowt

Who doesn’t like a lot on top and a lot on the bottom? These women have the best of both worlds and want to share it with you.

These ladies are lovely on top and even better on the bottom.