Men Share Why They Love Full Figured Women

Nov 2, 2016 at 6:34 pm |


The body-positive movement has exploded in the past few years, which means we’re finally starting to glorify fuller female bodies alongside thin ones. A lot of the movement focuses on changing self-perception and promoting self-love. Okay so, even though we’re all feminists here (you don’t need external validation, the only love is self-love, beauty is on the inside, etc) sometimes it’s just nice to hear that others really do love about your body as much as you do.

A self-designated Big Beautiful Woman (BBW) turned to Reddit and asked users what turns them on about full figured women and, boy, did they have a lot to say—and a lot of it isn’t entirely gross. So, all you #plusandproud ladies out there, here’s what other people find sexy about you plus a whole lot of awesome #plusfashion bloggers and models that prove, for anyone who didn’t get the memo yet, that #bigisbeautiful.

Plus Size Fashion Insta Collage

Source: Instagram @zorikitmisssunshine; @theshoppingslayer; @katanafatale; @essiegolden; @ontheqtrain

Why do men love bigger women? Why not!

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