Why Drake and Kanye Verifiably Aren’t on the Same Level as J. Cole and Kendrick

Jan 11, 2017 at 2:01 pm |

Just hear us out...

If you’ve been keeping up with the hip hop industry lately, you might have seen the news that Eminem once tricked Kendrick into a recording session to see if there was a chance he used ghostwriters. In a radio interview, Ed Sheeran of all people retold a story that Rick Rubin, the legendary record producer, had told him about the pair. “Eminem heard that Kendrick Lamar was the best rapper and he invited him to the studio to get him on a song,” he explained. “He arrived, and Kendrick came with all his mates and Eminem said, ‘I just want you in the studio, just you on your own and then my engineer is gonna come in and then record you doing it, but your mates aren’t allowed in.’ And then, Kendrick did it and wrote a sick verse. And then everyone came in to listen to it and Eminem said that he did it to test Kendrick, because he thought he had a ghostwriter. And he then realized that he didn’t, and then claimed he was the best, which is kinda cool, I think.”

We think so too but it brings up a lot of thoughts we have about ghostwriting. Is it okay? Can you classify yourself in the same category as artists who don’t? The people of The Lox had an insightful conversation about the topic and we have to say we completely agree.

drake and kanye

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There’s a big difference between the two.

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