Why Kailyn Lowry Still Can’t Love Her Own Mother

Nov 23, 2016 at 1:25 pm |

Is Kailyn doing the right thing?

At only 24-years-old Kailyn Lowry has lead a rollercoaster of a life that most people don’t experience in 50 years. We’ve witnessed almost all of her ups and downs on Teen Mom and she’s one of the ones we root for. She may be feisty, but she’s strong-willed and independent. Just this year, she left her second baby daddy, Javi, and had undergone a lot of plastic surgery that she was criticized for.

And while she has the support of friends and fans, her relationship with her mom is rocky at best. Why all the hate, though?

kailyn lowry sad teen mom

Credit: MTV

Is Kailyn doing the right thing?

Bye, Felicia?