Why Was Kesha Body Shamed by This Website?

Jun 22, 2016 at 12:43 pm |

Why won't this end?

Celebrities know to expect to be scrutinized by the media and their fans. If they wear the same outfit twice, they are scorned. Bad hair day? OMG, IT’S NEWS! While we as a society should be more positive and supportive towards everyone, tearing down famous people seems to give people pleasure. Maybe it makes them feel better about their own lives? Maybe it sells magazines.

While many men and women are becoming increasingly body positive these days, embracing that we come in all shapes and sizes, there will always be haters hating. Gossip sites thrive on picking apart celebrities bodies, styles and behaviors. And calling Kesha out is just another case of them being offensive for no good reason.

Keshas Rainbow Naked Boob Instagram Photo

Instagram @isiswhoiis

Trollers gonna troll.

How would you feel?