If You Find Something Left on Your Windshield, Beware of This Dangerous New Trick

Nov 7, 2016 at 12:59 pm |

One ring to fool them all

We live in a wonderful, terrible world.

Do you focus on life’s positivity and beauty, or do you think the world is a dark, corrupt place? Perhaps you walk somewhere in the middle; after all, a healthy dose of realism does us all good.

The reality is that life is a mixture of good and bad. People are both kind and malicious, righteous and evil. And though we may be living an upstanding life, chances are we sometimes come very close to crossing more sinister paths of others.

This almost happened to one Wisconsin woman after finishing up shopping at the mall. What appeared to be an unexpected gift of token left on her car’s windshield instead turned out to be the device of a more menacing plot. Thankfully, she followed her gut and avoided any danger.

creepy van ring windshield

Source: Facebook @Savannah Nguyen/Wikimedia Commons

She knew something was wrong the minute she saw the “gift” left on her car. Here’s what happened next. Better safe than sorry.

Here's how the trick works