Woman Has Gross Allergic Reaction To This Beauty Product

May 20, 2016 at 5:13 pm |

Hide your lipsticks.

Lip kits and shades have become a very essential factor in the beauty market, thanks to the popularity boosted by celebrities in the past few years. While lipsticks have always been a topic of conversation, it seems like trying on hundreds of different shades is the best way to find the perfect color for any person’s lips. One consumer, who purchased a lip color lipstick from CoverGirl, had an allergic reaction to her newest purchase, and the results were quite shocking.

Source: Facebook - Lily Cleopatra Maurice

Source: Facebook – Lily Cleopatra Maurice

Be careful before you apply this product, as it could do some serious damage…

You won't believe what happened when this girl used a new Covergirl lipstick.