Women Protesting Congress Draw Press by Going in Public in Their Birthday Suits

Sep 23, 2016 at 4:56 pm |

Protesting in the nude!

The media’s sexualization of women is inescapable. From the moment you walk outside your house in the morning to the moment you turn off the TV to go to bed, you are bombarded with hyper-sexualized images of women’s bodies: mostly for the purpose of selling something. This is so ingrained in our culture and thinking that to see a woman’s breasts in public is considered shocking and inappropriate while seeing a man without a shirt is a commonplace.

A women’s rights group has staged a naked protest outside the Argentine national congress to combat country’s “prudishness and hypocrisy” over the female body.


Source: Twitter @urbanudismo

“We want to promote the acceptance of being naked as natural, and not as something perverse or sexual.”

It's definitely bringing in a lot of press!