Women Share What Not To Do In Bed

Nov 15, 2016 at 6:09 pm |

Thirteen women open up about the most annoying things their partners do in bed!

It can be tricky to figure out exactly what your partner wants in bed. In a perfect world we’d all be open and comfortable with the people that we sleep with 100% of the time, but that’s just not the world that we live in. Unfortunately, what people want in bed is often the hardest thing to talk about for the simple fact that, in that moment, everyone feels vulnerable and exposed.

Women, though, can have an even more difficult time opening up to their partners. We tend to be less vocal about our needs because of the cultural taboos surrounding female pleasure and the value placed on submissive women. Thankfully, ThoughtCatalog recently published a piece in which women divulged their biggest pet peeves in the bedroom to let their partners know what to change and to help women who are dissatisfied with their love lives understand that they are not alone!

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This article is brought to you by crippling insecurity, social stigmas, and porn.

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