Worst Effects of Global Warming

Jun 22, 2016 at 7:17 pm |

Do You Believe in Climate Change?

Climate change and global warming are among the most contentious topics in the world today.

Both of them are endless sources of debates and arguments, with scientists warning us it’s too late and that we’ve already doomed ourselves and many politicians telling us not to believe everything we hear or that climate change fear is just part of the liberal agenda.

Since climate change deniers can see indubitable proof from scientists across the globe about rising oceans, depleted oxygen levels, destroyed ecosystems and rising temperatures and STILL refuse to believe that this crisis is happening all around us and affecting all walks of life (except for cockroaches and Twinkies, apparently), there’s only one more thing we could possibly do to try and convince them.

climate change water pollution doll

Credit: Matthew Stockman/ Getty Images

First look at these photos and THEN tell me you don’t believe in climate change.

The Proof Is in the Pictures!