Your Guide to Going Down on a Woman

Jun 7, 2016 at 2:24 pm |

There's an art to it.... #FACTS

Ladies, we all love a good lick or ten down there. And when it comes to being pleased, we can all agree that we’re very critical of how it’s done. We each like a particular touch, feel and rhythm. Personally, it’s better when it’s speedy but not too fast, steady but not too slow, intense but not too rough. But every woman is different. And while it’s supposed to take us to ecstasy, if it’s not done right then we are so over it.

The vagina is a very sensitive area and it isn’t easy to navigate. We’ve got you, though. Hear from experts who know exactly what it takes to put a woman on cloud nine. And though it’s hard to be an expert on a technique that varies in its pleasure, who better to give great tips than women themselves? And not just any women, but lesbian women whose techniques are tried and true.

Woman clinching sheets while orgasming on bed

Credit: 10 FACE/Shutterstock

Take advice from the ones who know best – lesbians!

Cunnilingus can be a very tricky art to perform, so here are some tips to follow when trying to please your woman.