Gavin Rossdale Allegedly Left Gwen Stefani To Sleep With Nanny After Birth Of Son

Nov 12, 2015 at 1:55 pm |


Gwen and Gavin

Credit: Helga Esteb/Shuttershock

New allegations have emerged in Gwen Stefan and Gavin Rossdale’s divorce. Gavin Rossdale is now being accused of leaving ex-wife, Gwen Stefani, after giving birth to their son, Apollo, to go and be with then nanny, Mindy Mann. Immediately following the birth of the couple’s third son, the 50-year-old guitarist allegedly left the hospital to go and sleep with Mindy in Feb. 2014.

Gavin hit it out of the hospital without Gwen knowing! In fact, she had no idea about the three-year affair until another nanny working for the couple discovered texts between Gavin and Mindy in February 2015. The graphic texts consisted of explicit messages, nudes, and plans to meet up for sex!

How’d the nanny find the texts? Gavin’s phone was linked to the family’s iPad. Smart move, right? Well, once Gwen found out, Mindy was immediately fired.

Omg, who leaves after their wife gives birth?!