Geoff Stults Moves On From ‘Enlisted’ To Something Even Better

Mar 15, 2014 at 12:00 pm |

Geoff Stults is no stranger to the world of TV sitcoms. He’s been on some great and some not great shows over the years. He’s been in 7th Heaven, Reunion, October Road, Happy Town and many other shows – and not all have lasted.

Geoff Stults Enlisted

Photo: Jeff Lipsky/FOX

Currently he stars on Fox’s Enlisted, a 30 minute comedy. It has gotten some great reviews, but it isn’t bringing in the number of watchers that Fox would like to see. The fate of the show will likely be determined in May to see if it can be renewed for a second season.

The show, which stars Stults as the big brother/war hero who came to the base where his two other brothers are, was announced dead on arrival by Fox. However, there are many DVR watchers and military members that are arguing otherwise.

Geoff decided he wanted to have a backup plan. Hollywood Reporter announced that he found a role that is second in position to Enlisted.

TV Line has recently reported that Geoff is now going to be the lead in a new CBS show from David Caspe and Erik Sommers. The comedy pilot is called Cuz-Bros, which follows a ladies man (Stults) who has his whole world turned upside down when his cousin needs a place to crash.

Ultimately, it comes down to what Fox decides will be the fate of Enlisted. If it goes on for a second season, then he will remain with the show. However, if it cancels the show, he can make the leap over to CBS and be the star of a very different show, though it remains within the comedy genre.

Currently, Stults is being listed as a guest star on Cuz-Bros because he is still under contract with Fox for his Enlisted show. The CBS show will feature multiple cameras and will be written and executive produced by the Caspe and Sommers team, the same team that had success with Happy Endings. There are also big names from How I Met Your Mother that will be behind the scenes to ensure that the show does well.

Geoff has never had a problem staying within the limelight of TV shows. While he has had his fair share of shows that have gone south because of viewer ratings, he remains in high demand around Hollywood.

Now it is a matter of waiting to see if he will continue to don camouflage for the new season or if he will be a successful sportscaster that has his cousin come to live with him.

Geoff Stults has been able to secure a new position with CBS in a new show if Fox’s ‘Enlisted’ does not work out for him.