Getting Hitched? Here comes Bill Murray to crash your wedding

Jun 12, 2014 at 11:48 am |

Billy Murray Engagement Photobomb

Raheel Gauba of Fia Forever Photography

Let it be known that if you’re having an engagement, wedding, or any festivity in Charleston, South Carolina, Bill Murray lives there and there is a strong chance he may crash it.

Over Memorial Day weekend, the actor surprised a bachelor party by joining in on their fun and offering advice to the groom and his best men.

This time Murray attempted to distract a little engagement shoot in downtown Charleston for the lovely couple Ashley Donald & Erik Rogers, which was released on Facebook and Twitter Tuesday by an Award Winning Charleston Wedding Photographer.

Photographer Raheel Gauba said “I sat the couple down on that little staircase to get ready for a shot and I hear people talking in the back and as I’m looking through the lens, the couple seemed stunned and distracted.”

When Erik and Ashley continued to look behind him stunned in silence, Gauba knew it was not an ordinary tourist or onlooker heckling his shots.

“I thought, ‘Who the heck is bothering them?'” Gauba told Charleston’s Post and Courier. “I turn around and it’s Bill Murray with his shirt up, belly out, tapping his belly and trying to make them laugh.”

Murray was invited into the photo shoot, belly covered, and posed for one quick shot before he congratulated the couple and went on his way. Gauba told the Huffington Post. “So genuine and nice of him to make the couple’s day!”

Congratulations Ashley & Erik on the successful photo shoot. May your marriage be just as jovial. To ensure that, why not name your first son Bill.


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