Giuliana Rancic Opens Up About Weight Problems, Baby # 2 and the ‘Fashion Police’ Scandal

Apr 4, 2015 at 12:43 pm |

Giuliana Rancic attends a media call ahead of the 2015 ASTRA Awards

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After months of being publicly skinny-shamed, Giuliana Rancic, is speaking up to let us know some comments have ‘gotten out of hand,’ she recently told People Magazine.

Her memoir Going Off Script hits stands next Tuesday, April 7, and she hopes the waves of shame will calm down and turn into something more positive. “I never want my weight to distract people from what I do,” she says. “But it is becoming a distraction, [whenever] I wear something sleeveless, show my arms, my back.”

Her appearance during the Golden Globes Red Carpet put the internet in a frenzy of eating disorder rumors and people started calling her horrible things – even saying that she looks like an alien. It must be very tough to be in the spotlight and go through weight problems.

TV Personality Giuliana Rancic attends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards

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Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2011 and as a result she had a double mastectomy that year. She’s been through a lot, but Giuliana has always come out on top.

“Some people were saying, ‘The cancer is probably back.’ They were accusing me of every eating disorder. I thought to myself, ‘God, if someone really thought I had an eating disorder, what a horrible way to approach it,’” said Rancic.

Giuliana Rancic says she is healthy, even though she doesn’t look healthy at all. “I started noticing that I was eating a lot, but not gaining weight at all. I was concerned.” It seems the cancer-suppressing medication she has been taking since 2012 has had an effect on her body. Her oncologist informed her that the drug, which can alter metabolism, could cause weight loss.

Giuliana Rancic attends a media call ahead of the 2015 ASTRA Awards

Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

“It’s really hurtful. I’m sorry that some people think I’m disgustingly skinny, as they put it, but there’s nothing I can do. I’m lucky that I even have the type of cancer that reacts to the medicine. I thought, ‘Wow, I’m on cancer medication. I’m doing the best that I can.’ “

It’s been hard times for the E! News co-host, seeing her physical transformation. “I look in the mirror and it’s hard for me,” she admits. “I am really thin. I want to look fit and beautiful and sexy, and I can’t.” We really hope that Giuliana is finally able to gain some weight and start feeling like herself again soon.

Check out this picture during a happy time not so long ago in October, when Giuliana and husband Bill posed at the 10th anniversary Pink Party of Elyse Walker. It’s less than 6 months ago, and there is a huge difference in her appearance.

TV personalities Bill Rancic (L) and Giuliana Rancic attend Elyse Walker presents the 10th anniversary Pink Party

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But her skinny-shaming isn’t the only major speed bump Giuliana hit this year. The scandal that exploded on Fashion Police after the show’s post Oscars recap has also effected Giuliana’s career in a terrible way.

Rancic made a comment about Zendaya’s dreadlocks, saying the celebrity’s hair looked like it probably smelled of “patchouli oil and weed.” Zendaya went to social media to call out Rancic’s words as “ignorant slurs.”

“I read her statement and I was shocked. I made [the joke] as a reference to the hippie culture. It was a bohemian-chic reference, not about race, nor would it ever be. It was horrifying to have my name in a headline with words I have never been associated with in my life,” said the E! News host.

It seems that in the end it might’ve been an editing problem, and her words were simply taken out of context. “On set, I made peace signs and I said boho twice,” says Rancic, who did not write the joke. “It was edited. And my words were taken out of context. If I thought this joke could be interpreted another way, I never would have done it. I felt horrible.”

Now that the E! host and Zendaya have settled the dispute, she really hopes to move on from that horrible misunderstanding and put it in the past. “It was a very unfortunate incident,” she says. “I’m so regretful that people interpreted the joke [as they did]. I hurt people and I feel terrible about that. And I learned a really important lesson that if people are offended, it doesn’t matter the intent.”

Fashion Police since the incident have had 2 resignations. First Kelly Osbourne, and then two weeks later Kathy Griffin. It seems the glory years with Joan Rivers are in the past, and they should leave it like that. They may try to reinvent a new show, but it will never be the same without Rivers. We hope the producers realize that.

Here is another picture of Giuliana looking healthy and glowing with Bill back in 2012 when they just welcomed son Duke into their lives.

TV personality Giuliana Rancic (R) and Bill Rancic arrive at the 2012 Do Something Awards at Barker Hangar

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Giuliana’s battle with infertility was also no secret. It was shared on the reality show Giuliana & Bill, that it was extremely risky for her to get pregnant due to the cancer-suppressing medication she is still taking.

Unfortunately, Giuliana shared some more shocking news. After their son Duke was born via a surrogate mother back in 2012, they found out later on New Year’s Eve that their surrogate who was pregnant with their third and last remaining embryo had a miscarried.

“It was painful,” said Giuliana. “We were so optimistic with this last embryo. We thought, ‘This is definitely going to work. This is our last shot. It was the toughest blow,” Giuliana says.


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“We’re open to everything. I think adoption is a beautiful gift you’re giving each other. And it’s funny, I’m even more open to [adoption] than I was before. Because I think to myself, ‘I love Duke so much, if I couldn’t take care of him, I hope there would be someone else who would love him.’ ”

Giuliana is keeping her spirits high. We only wish her the best, and we want to see her healthy, happy and back to the old Giuliana the we love and admire. We feel that the lose of her last embryo was definitely a huge hit, and part of Giuliana’s weight loss and stress levels. However, we’re glad to hear that she is considering adoption and that her family will continue to grow. Going Off Script, the title of her memoir will be on stands on Tuesday and perhaps it will direct Giuliana’s year in a better direction.

Giuliana’s surrogate just lost her third and last embryo, the ‘Fashion Police’ situation remains unknown and the skinny shaming just won’t stop! What do you think is happening to the ‘E! News’ host?