Half-Naked Justin Bieber Almost Booed Offstage

Sep 10, 2014 at 8:49 am |

Grab your slippers, because Bieber-fever has turned ice cold.

Last night when the (lately) pop-singer came onstage for CBS’s Fashion Rocks concert event, he was met with a wave of horrendous boos from the New York City audience. Then, in a nightmarish dream-sequence, he had to follow whatever was pre-scripted for the appearance–Bieber was forced to strip down to his ‘shiver-me-timbers’ in front of super-model Lara Stone and all of his non-fans before bumbling out his lines and scampering offstage.

Perhaps it’s all the negative press Justin Bieber’s received lately (ref: arrests, trials, throwing-bows with heartthrob Orlando Bloom in Ibiza) but, oh…how the mighty have fallen. Fortunately there was a friendly bastion of screaming girls standing behind Bieber through the whole experience, but even they couldn’t save him from the embarrassment. Does this mean the end? Can you Belieb it?

Theo Wargo/Getty

Theo Wargo/Getty

Other appearances and performances by Usher, Miranda Lambert, Enrique Iglesias, Luke Bryan, Jennifer Lopez, and a litany of supermodels in fierce designer clothing were all met with applause and open arms over the course of the evening’s events.

In stark contrast to Bieber’s reception at Fashion Rocks, Nick Jonas also bared some skin last night by showing off his abs in a New York City gay club in an attempt to help promote his new single Jealous. Of course, he received a standing ovation.

Ever take your clothes off in front of a thousand booing people? See what happened to Bieber…