Hallmark Pulls Hanukkah Gift Wrap Covered With Swastikas

Dec 10, 2014 at 1:21 pm |

Hallmark Cards Inc. removed gift wrap from circulation after a customer complained that she saw swastikas embedded in the design.

The card company immediately alerted retailers about the issue Monday (Dec. 8) after receiving a complaint Sunday night from a customer who had shopped at Walgreens in Northridge, California.

Walgreens is no longer selling the paper that is distributed by Hallmark.

Apparently, the wrapping paper had been displayed in a holiday section where Hanukkah gift wrap was for sale. Hallmark spokeswoman Julie Elliot said that the paper was not intended for the Jewish holiday. Elliot also commented that the design of the wrap was an oversight that no one at Hallmark noticed.

Hallmark had to remove Hanukkah gift wrap from its shelves. Find out what it looked like!