His Mother Asks Him What He Wants For Christmas… His Response Will Leave You Teary Eyed

Jul 31, 2015 at 6:36 pm |

Sibling relationships are complicated. You can be best friends one moment, and beating each other up the next. You can pick on them and call them names, but you’ll be damned if anybody else does. One thing is for sure though…you love your sibling no matter what. The relationship 8-year-old twins, Ryan and Amber Suffern, have is no different.

So when Amber started to get bullied at school because of her weight, Ryan was just as affected. He wrote a letter to Santa, giving up his gifts and asking instead, to give Amber everything she asked for. Additionally, he asked if Big Time Rush, Amber’s favorite band, could visit her birthday party. With a little help from Good Morning America, Ryan’s wish, and Amber’s dream came true! She got to meet and sit with the band for an exclusive performance on the show. Talk about the best brother ever!

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This video makes me want to go find my siblings and hug them…and then go right back to bugging them.