Hump Day Distraction: No Need To Fear, WeBola Is Here

Nov 5, 2014 at 12:37 pm |

It’s the first Wednesday of November and the temperature outside is definitely dropping. Dress warmly and wash your hands frequently to avoid a high risk of catching a cold, or even worse, Ebola!

But no need to worry about being lonely if you do happen to catch Ebola. WeBola is here! An online dating site for Ebola patients. Now you can spend your time in quarantine together.

WeBola’s motto: “Life’s Short. Then You Meet Someone. Then You Die.”

Happy Hump Day everyone and check out the WeBola commercial video starring Tony Hendra, Jenn Dodd, & Jeff Kreisler.


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Do you have Ebola and worry about spending your days alone? No need, there’s WeBola! An Ebola Online Dating Site.