If Your Dog has a Nickname, You Need to Watch this Video

Oct 19, 2015 at 3:35 pm |

Every Dog Lover Has Done This

We’ve all done it. Who can resist referring to their four-legged best friend as “Captain Smelly Face” when he needs a bath, or “Poochie Pumpkin Pie” when we’re feeling affectionate? It’s not our fault! Those adorable faces were MADE for nicknames.

Our friends over at BarkPost.com have truly nailed the emotion and comedy that goes into this perpetual name game. This guy calls his adorable little pup names ranging from Señorita Floppy Ears to Johann Sebastian Bark to Sarah Jessica Barker and everything in between, and if you have a dog, you WILL be able to relate.

So go ahead — watch below, enjoy the laugh, and SHARE this with your friends who have dogs. You KNOW they do this too!

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I don’t know which one’s better — Señorita Floppy Ears or Sarah Jessica Barker!