Is This Girl’s Outfit Really Too Revealing for Work? J.C. Penney Sent Her Home…

Aug 11, 2015 at 2:30 pm |

Feminist Quits Over Dress Code Sexism

Sylva Stoel of South Dakota was sent home from work for wearing a pair of shorts that she purchased from the “career style section” of J.C. Penney – where she has worked.

Stoel’s (cute) outfit has since gone viral, sparking a conversation about the potential sexism involved in drawing dress code restrictions in the workplace, specifically for women.

Here’s a picture of Stoel’s look — a sensible sleeveless blue blouse, with red linen shorts, deemed to be “too revealing” by her boss at the store.

“I was at work for about 10 minutes before he approached me,” Stoel said to “He asked if anyone talked to me about dress code at orientation.”

When her boss then asked her the amount of time it would take for her to go home and change her outfit, Stoel decided to walk out the door and never come back. “They didn’t show anything other than my legs, which I don’t think is too provocative.”

Sexist, or simply against the rules?