Jason Aldean Finds Himself In Bed with the Girl Who Broke Up His Marriage

Mar 19, 2014 at 7:48 am |

Jason Aldean & Ex Jessica Ussery & Mistress Brittany Kerr

Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
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He may be one of the hottest country music singers in the nation right now, but he’s most definitely not proven himself to be a great husband. Jason Aldean was caught cheating on his wife way back in September of 2012. In response to finding out about the cheating, his wife, Jessica, filed for divorce. And although Jason claimed that it was only because he was drunk that he cheated on his wife, there must have been something that he liked about his drunken fling because Us Weekly has confirmed he is now in a serious relationship with the girl he got caught cheating with, Brittany Kerr.

You may remember Kerr from her stint on American Idol, and even though she didn’t get far on the show, she most definitely has gotten far with Jason. His statement that he made saying “I had too much to drink, let the party get out of hand and acted inappropriately at a bar” must not phase Kerr too much. She’s apparently taken quite a liking to Jason.

Just how serious is the new couple? It’s believed they are very serious because he is taking her along on tour. She was spotted at his concert this past Friday (March 14).

Jason and his ex-wife had been married for 12 years and knew each other since they were teenagers. They share two daughters together. When the cheating scandal went viral on the Internet, Jason made a statement to Us, which read “This is a really tough time for my entire family.” Duh! Of course it was hard. He cheated on his wife in public. Regardless of whether he was drunk or not, this is not something that his two daughters wanted to see.

Perhaps the glamorous Hollywood life is a little too much for Jason. Even though he has been famous for quite some time, it’s only been over the past few years that his fame has risen past most country stars in the industry. Just like many other famous people, Jason obviously couldn’t handle the spotlight appropriately.

The cheating scandal, as well as his newly confirmed relationship with Kerr, isn’t making much of a negative impact on his singing career, though. He’s currently touring the country and keeping his fans happy. We’re not a fan of his cheating, but when it comes to his music, he sure is good with his vocals.

Although Jason Aldean claims that the girl he cheated on his wife with was a one-time fling, he is now in a serious relationship with her.